Thursday, August 13, 2015

K-12 education is an innovative education system. This area of education has a dominance over the conventional educational systems as it puts more weight on thinking and reaching own self-explanatory conclusions.

The way of teaching here is completely different and phenomenal. Teachers generally follow the tactic of asking students to work on a lot of assignments since it develops an intellectual, yet interesting learning habit. In reality, this method helps the students in revising what has been taught previously. In K-12 education system, all the students are given individual attention and hence they understand their subjects in a more practical way. The role of a teacher here is just to guide them in the right way and provide them with learning opportunities. What really happens is that, the individual discovers his own learning capacity and success depends on the thinking ability of the student.

The classroom activities might be similar to what is being practiced in a public school where students go and get their notes and submit records but the key difference is that her in K-12 classes, the students are encouraged to bring about their personal thoughts and visions. Students enroll themselves in different forums and educational clubs where they get to discuss many points for the same topic and get different views. The teachers here contribute so much as to turning every discussion into a positive note cooperating with the students.

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